Boat Rental Services

Boat Rental Services

For those seeking a more intimate and curated boating experience, Sweet Yacht Charter delivers personalized service with experienced captains at the helm. Whether you're interested in exploring secluded beaches, spotting marine wildlife, or simply enjoying a sunset cruise, their captains will cater to your desires while ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage. Sit back, relax, and let Sweet Yacht Charter take care of the details.


Luxury Boat Charter

Sweet Yacht Charter offers luxury boat charters on Nantucket. We will customize your day on the water. Talk to a captain today!

Planning Your Nantucket Yacht Charter

Planning your Nantucket boat rental is a breeze, thanks to Sweet Yacht Charter. We offer flexible times, convenient departure points, and a range of boat rental experiences. Talk to a captain today to discuss your day on the water with Sweet Yacht Charter. Nantucket offers endless opportunities for exploration on the water. Whether you're drawn to the island's scenic beauty, its rich history, or simply the allure of luxury yacht chartering, a boating adventure in Nantucket promises an experience of a lifetime.

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